Original Soundtrack from the horror film Juan Carlos Claver composed by Alejandro Román.

Julia, an investigative journalist, is working on a supernatural-themed publication. Despite not believing in parapsychological events, must face a harsh reality: a result of a terrible event - someone dies without that she can do anything - his life takes a turn. She discovers who is able to feel certain presences, even "see" the past when the force of the environment in which it is powerful enough. "Manasés" is a small town that saw its inhabitants disappear one night in 1945. Today, Julia, Roberto, Rubén and Syra will enter into it to take pictures and record what's left of it. Why residents had left almost 70 years ago, and what did they escape? Very soon will find out that in reality, their mission has little to do with what they believed.


1. Intrusos. Títulos 03:09

2. Depresión01:47

3. Vieja historia02:12

4. Manasés01:02

5. El sentido de Julia01:29

6. La iglesia01:44

7. En el cementerio01:00

8. El avión nazi03:26

9. El diario02:23

10. Psicofonías-Poltergeist04:23

11. ¡No arranca!02:47

12. Su fantasma01:47

13. ¿Quién es?02:42

14. Ir al pasado03:03

15. Nazis02:45

16. Ritual02:16

17. Runas01:53

18. Atrapados01:03

19. Reencuentro con Ana02:37

20. Syra zombie - Sacrificio06:21

21.  Despedida01:15

22. Intrusos. Créditos03:42

Music composed by Alejandro Román

Programation and Musical Production: Alejandro Román

Violoncello: Sergei Mesropian

Mans Sessions Orchestra conducted by Alejandro Román

in  22. "Intrusos. Créditos"

Recorded and mixed in Takataka Studios (Madrid)

Recording and Mixing Engineer: José Vinader

Recording assistant: Olga  Santos


Available Download in iTunes, Spotify and BandCamp

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© Alejandro Román, 2019
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