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2017-18 Creation of Moodle courses oriented to active methodologies. CTIF course. Teacher: José Manuel Cortés

2016      Read and investigate in the digital age. Course CTIF. Teacher: Álvaro Cruz García

2014-05  Doctorate in the Faculty of Philosophy of the UNED, specialty of Aesthetics. Doctoral Thesis: "Musivisual Analysis, a Methodological Approach to the Study of Film Music". Thesis director: prof. D. Simón Marchán

2011-09  Course "Use of audiovisual documents in the higher education of music 1 and 2", Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid.

2010   Course of "Orchestra Conducting. The Phenomenology of Celebidache", Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid. Prof. Enrique García Asensio

2007    Course "Orchestra Direction", Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Prof .: Juan María Esteban and Mª Pilar Alvira

2007     Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) by the Faculty of Philosophy of the UNED Research Work: "The Musivisual Language, semiotics and aesthetics of Audiovisual Music". Director: Dr. D. Simón Marchán

2003      Course "Sculpting music and composing sounds", CDMC. Prof. Jean Claude Risset

2002     Course "Current Composition", Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid. Teachers: Jesús Villa Rojo and Joan Guinjoan

2001  Course "Workshop of sound and music for Cinema", SGAE. Teachers: Eduardo Armenteros and José Miguel Martínez

2001     Course of Analysis "Around Ludus Tonalis of Hindemith. An Approach to Counterpoint and Fugue of the Twentieth Century", Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid. Teacher: Ángel Huidobro

2000     Course of Musical Pedagogy, E.M.C., Madrid. Prof.: Hemsy Violet of Gainza

1999     Course on Rhythm, School of Creative Music in Madrid. Teacher: Efrain Toro


1998     Course of Musical Pedagogy, Alcobendas (Madrid). Teacher: Verena Maschat

1998     Course "Suite Iberia de Albéniz, Analysis and work system", RCSMM (Madrid). Teacher: Emilio Molina

1998     Course of Logic Audio applied to electroacoustic composition, CDMC. Prof. Eduardo Armenteros

1997     Course of Electroacoustic Composition, CDMC. Teacher: Emiliano del Cerro

1997     Course of Introduction to the Computer Music Tools, CDMC. Teacher: Adolfo Nuñez.

1997     Workshop on Instrumental Practice, C.R.P. Las Acacias (Madrid). Prof. Vicente Gil.

1997-96 Pedagogical Adaptation Course (C.A.P.), Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

1996     Composition Course. Taught by Carmelo Bernaola at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid.

1996     Course "Prepared Piano by John Cage". Taught by Giancarlo Simonacci, at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid.

1995     Course of "Composition of Music for Cinema", School of Creative Music. Teacher: Miguel Blanco.

1995     "Improvisation Course Applied to Teaching Piano". Taught by Professor Emilio Molina.

1995     "Improvisation Course Applied to the Teaching of Musical Language". Taught by Emilio Molina at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid.

1995     Course of "Accompaniment to the Piano to Singers of Opera and Lied", Denia (Alicante). Teacher: Miguel Zanetti

1995-92 Studies of Modern Harmony, Composition and Arrangements. School of Creative Music of Madrid. Teachers: Claudio Gabis, Eva Gancedo and Miguel Blanco.

1995-92 Jazz Piano Studies and Improvisation. School of Creative Music of Madrid. Teachers: Andrés Bedó, Jorge Villaescusa, Tony Heimer, Andy Phillips, Ricardo Miralles, and Bob Sands.

1995-92  Jazz ensembles directed by Juan San Martin, Tony Heimer, Bob Sands and Víctor Merlo, School of Creative Music of Madrid.

1994     Ear Training Course, El Escorial (Madrid). Teacher: Hebe Onesti

1992-89 1º and 2º of Biological Sciences in the Complutense University of Madrid

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